Lyrics by Roger Coghill

My girlfriend’s cat has died. We’re all in black.

We walk on tiptoe round the house.  We’re on the rack.

Nothing consoles her, she’s distraught.

We can’t divert her from her saddest thought.

The house is heavy with the sound of sighs.

She loved that moggy more than her own eyes.

Sweeter than honey was that little chap

Much more than me he nestled in her lap.

Between them they would talk some secret way,

Locked in their private language every day.

He crept inside her panties without shame

I only wished that I could do the same.

Now my girl’s eyes are red with sobs and crying

And in my brain her pet’s brought thoughts of dying.

He was a wondrous mouser. Every day

He’d come back home and proudly bring his prey.

But now he’s gone to Orcus and Hell’s fire,

Reminding me that life hangs by a wire.

So fragile are we all to death’s dark blows:

In time we all must wither like the rose.

You’re asking why they ring the Angelus?

It tolls for my poor girlfriend’s puss.

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