Words and Music by Roger  Coghill

There’s no need for animosity, now

There’s a thousand apples on the tree, now

Live your life the way you want to be, now

And don’t plan to live a century.

Learn the meaning of emancipation, now

Buy a season ticket at the station, now

You can always choose your destination, now

But don’t plan to live a century.

We are just a bunch of guys on earth together, now

Feeling summer suns and winter weather, now

None of us is going to live for ever, now

So don’t plan to iive a century.

Touch another skin not just a screen, now

Make where you’re going not just where you’ve been, now

Every day should be a different scene, now

Yet don’t plan to live a century.

Thirty thousand dawns is all we get now

Thirty thousand times the sun will set, now

Some have all gone, but there are still some yet, now.

Just don’t plan to live a century.

Just make sure the best is yet to be …

And maybe you will live a century.

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