Lyrics: Roger Coghill

There’s a little beach in Benodet

On the outskirts of the town

Where I used to watch my children play

And see the sun go down.

The years have passed,  and much too fast,

My children all have flown.

I’ve roamed the world, but again at last

I stand on the beach alone.

Without pretense life made such sense

So full of loving care

We slept so close in canvas tents

So close to earth and air.

The years roll by;  I wonder why

Our love has lost its charms

On different paths away we fly,

Embraced by different arms.

 At the end of day, as the sea turns grey

Faint on the tide I hear

A thousand children come to play

Each summer year by year.

And future eyes watch the sunset skies

As my children’s children play

Filling the air with joyful cries

On the beach at Benodet.

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