Music and Lyrics Roger Coghill


Fight, fight, fight, foght

Fight, Fght, Ugh

Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight,

Fight, Fight, Ugh

Verse 1

Who d’you think you’re lookin’ at?

We can look at who we like.

Don’t you look at us like that.

This is our place. On your bike.


Oh yeah, who says so?

Takes a man not his dinner.

You’re just crap, not a winner.

Just move on now, just go.

See this knife? I plan to use it.

On your face. Expect to lose it.

See this shooter? There’s your answer.

When you’re dead you won’t get cancer.

Sonny boy, don’t talk too soon.

Might as well fly to the moon.

We will get you ‘ave no fear.

We will find you, far or near.

Just for now we’ll walkaway.

We’ll be back some other day.

So enjoy it while you can,

Cos we’re goin’ to get you, man.

We’ll be waiting for you sonny,

It’s our patch and it’s our money.

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